Hey, it worked!

Welcome to the home page of your new university. It really is yours; just check the URL. You could download the user manual and immediately read, but that’s not too fun. Let’s do a couple of neat things to get you going and get the site ready for your courses. To do these things, we need to step inside.

Download the user manual to look at later. Yeah, I know I said it wasn’t fun, but you will want it later. If you created a PUBLIC university, where people will come and take courses they choose, click here for the manual. If you created a PRIVATE university, where you will enroll students and assign private courses, click here for the manual.

Go Log in now. The log in link is in the upper right corner. Just click the login link and enter the e-mail address and password you just used to create this university. Once inside, we can do a few easy and fun changes to get you started.

You will eventually want to change this page. To do so just login, click setup>menu configuration, find "Home page" and click "Edit." You will see this page content and it can be selected and deleted.